Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! In this busy time, I hope we will not become so caught up in the Christmas season that we forget to remember the true meaning of this precious holiday-the Birth of Jesus Christ, born in a manger all those years ago to save us from sin.
The gifts brought to Christ by the Magi amazes me. They traveled from a far off land to come and worship this baby in a lowly manger.
Gold, Frankincense, and myrrh were the usual items presented to royalty on the birth of kings or deity in the ancient world. But this was simply a baby born in a lowly manger in the city of Bethlehem because there was no room for the family in the inn. Why did Baby Jesus merit such gifts?
You will have to come to your own conclusion through research. On my part, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah that the Jewish people have been looking for. As the Holy Son of God, of course, his birth would be celebrated, but why in secrecy?
King Herod had commanded all the baby boys, two years of age and younger, murdered because old prophesies told of a coming king who would be a threat to Herod's rule. You can find this story in the book of Matthew, in the Holy Bible.
Gold was, of course, a precious metal, frankincense was used as a perfume or incense, and myrrh was used as an anointing oil and embalming fluid.
Jesus was not the first nor the last to be presented these gifts in reverence.
However, the difference between Jesus and other kings or deity receiving these gifts was that each of these gifts given to Christ foretold of His future.
For example, Gold represented his kingship, Frankincense symbolized his priestly role, and Myrrh represents his future death and embalming.
So, though I love Santa Claus and the wonderful fun he brings to this season, I challenge you to research the birth of Christ and delve deeper into what I believe is the True Meaning of Christmas. 

By the way, I challenge you also to conduct research on Saint Nick. You might be surprised to see that even he was a follower of Christ and, in fact, a priest. He certainly was a legend in his own right and quite an interesting character in history. However, even St. Nick's history was based on his own belief in Jesus Christ. I, in fact, have written a script about St. Nick and am preparing to sell it on Amazon.
In regards to the precious oils of Frankincense and Myrrh, if you are interested in them, please check my Essential Oils Website out where you can learn more about the precious oils and others like it that can be and have been used for medicinal purposes, for many years, even before the time of Christ.
In closing, I want to say Merry Christmas to you and your family and I pray you have a prosperous, safe New Year. God bless you all~ Author Lisa Vandiver 

In closing, I want to say Merry Christmas to you and your family and I pray you have a prosperous, safe New Year. God bless you all~ Author Lisa Vandiver

                                                                                                        Essential Oils

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Celebrating Fantastic Shows with Deadly Reads Radio

Hi, I wanted to come by and keep you updated on the Blog Talk Radio show that I co-host with Linda L. Barton. We have just finished our fourth show, and we are looking forward to many more,
I have provided the links below for each guest we have interviewed thus far for your convenience should you be interested in listening to our shows during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Ica Iova- Our Halloween Party Celebration

Virginia McKevitt- A Night of Fantasy

Carrie Vaught and Carol Hovsepian -Love of Reading

Brian Moreland- A Night of Horror

Below is the link for you to see who we have scheduled for future shows. I think you will find at least one, if not more shows that you will look forward to as well. At least that is my hope.

2015 Show Schedule 

2016 Show Schedule

I love to receive emails and messages from people who read my blog and listen to the show, so feel free to drop me a line to let me know you are listening to the show or reading my blog(s), and you might receive an email back announcing you've won a book...
 I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. For me, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving and thanking My God, my Savior, Jesus Christ for all that he has done for me. I will thank him for all that he has provided for me throughout the last year and honestly, my entire life. I too shall remember the many American and Allied soldiers who fight for our and their country's freedoms.

Oh, and eat lots of Turkey, dressing, and all the fixings, including that Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie you've been thinking about lately.
Until next time, In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, God Bless You and Your Family

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Blog Talk Radio Debut Show

Hi, everyone. I know it's been a while since I have posted, but I wanted to come by and let you know I have been busy while I was away.  I am proud to let everyone know that I am co-hosting with Author Linda L. Barton on Journey into the Night Blog Talk Radio show.

Our first guest on tonight's debut show is Author Ica Iova. She is the perfect guest for the season-Halloween. Grab a warm blanket to snuggle into, turn down the lights, and enjoy our show as you get to know Ica better.  Together we can learn interesting things about her native country of Romania, and the infamous legend of Vlad the Impaler, or better known as...Dracula. One other note of interest~ Ica is a direct descendant of the legendary vampire. 

Linda and I will also be sharing our ghost stories and will be giving out a treat or two along the way.

We will have open lines so that you may call in and share some of your ghoulish stories.
Once again, you can find our show at this link. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

WolfsBlood~Interview, Excerpt, and Sneak Peek with Author Taabia Dupree

 **Taabia Dupree, Amazon Best Selling Author of Jessica's Obsession
 wants you to know that WolfBlood has Mature Content.**
You can find Author Taabia Dupree at the links listed below:


Getting Acquainted with the Author:

Taabia Dupree was born in the United States and grew up on the Eastern Seaboard. Her love of books and anything with words came from her parents. As a young person, Taabia read anything she could get her hands on, from cereal boxes, to the Encyclopedia Britannica, to the National Geographic, to the business section of the local newspaper. Yet some of her favorite reads came from writers; L'Amour, Tolstoy, Eddings, Tolkein, Hugo, Wright, Dickens and Hemingway.
In 1999, Taabia started writing erotic fantasy stories for online story groups. She self-published her first erotic story in 2011. Today, Taabia Dupree writes coming of age stories, erotic short stories, mystery & psychological-thrillers, paranormal shapeshifter stories, and poetry.
Taabia enjoys a challenge. Her plans are to write more romance mysteries and shapeshifter books. So, keep watch for her books coming out in 2015, and 2016.
Author Taabia Dupree's books include an Amazon Best Seller Jessica's Obsession, book one in her Anthony Stone Series. This book was recently put on a Barnes & Noble bookstore shelf in Boston. Her book Wolfsblood is releasing March 20, 2015. It's the first in a two part series in the paranormal genre for shapeshifters.


When Kaine Maccon left the Rocky Mountains, he thought he had turned his back on them forever. As fate would have it, his father falls ill, and he must return to claim his rightful place.
Blood will spill, and old lovers will reunite, but for how long? Will he be removed as the true heir?

You may purchase the book at  Amazon

Chapter 1
Kaine sat at his desk and read his brother Aohdan's letter over.
 Kaine! Da is sick! You have to come back home. Aiden was told to not write. I was away and when I returned Da was down. Brother it hurts me to see him this way. I do not know if he will be in this world for long and it worries me. Rua Rainer has stepped up to help the young ones and my fur bunches to think Aiden or I were because of how he is taking care of the young ones. Kaine come home! No more wasting time away. Ma is gone, and Da has been going downhill for years. He tells you only what he wants you to know. He knows you will not listen to anything else. Brother I am telling you, get your ass home. This time listen to me. Rua will take the lead if Da dies and our family will no longer rule these mountains.

Kaine stopped reading, grabbed his keys off his desk and walked out of the office to his car.
Once inside the car he slammed his fist against the window pane. He could care less that he’d hit the window so hard it shook. 
He yelled, "Da, what are you thinking letting that animal come near our clan?"
Kaine pounded the steering wheel. His body was tense, and his blue eyes turned gray.  He needed to calm himself he thought.
He got out of his car and walked away before he did any damage inside. Despite his temperament, he found himself headed in the direction of the nearby park.
For six years, he’d stayed away from the Rocky Mountains. His father and brothers still lived near the stream at Oakea. The family was midway into the mountains but not too far up that the weather does not change. The cabin that his grandfather and grandmother built for their family still stood sturdy through tough winter storms.
Kaine's father, Stephan Maccon, and siblings helped keep the land around the cabin cleared and vegetated. The lower village’s townspeople stayed clear of particular paths in the mountains if they hiked. Anyone who walked close to that area would say the area above where they did not trespass was not feasible to vegetation. They also passed gossip around that it was dangerous for folks if they trekked higher up because there was a strange type of wolf that dwelled in that area.
His grandmother, Stephan’s mother, who died several years before Kaine came into the world, loved her flower beds and tended them until she expected the first frost. She would fill their cabin with the scent of freshly cut wildflowers during their springs and summers. His brothers and sisters had separate areas to rest their heads, but when they were old enough they went off on their own. Mostly the boys, the girls lived nearby in the village of Oakea.
Kaine heard these stories over and over as he grew up. As he walked closer to the parks edge, he watched children playing and mothers sitting nearby watching and chatting with others on benches. The park was near his office, and he usually went there to think. Today he went there to figure out what he would do about his brother's letter.
His younger brother Aiden was only twenty-one years old, he’d heard Aiden had a backbone but not enough to take on someone like Rua Rainer. Aohdan, twenty-six, strong willed, but more of a nature lover like their grandmother, had not sufficient strength to take on any Rainer, Kaine thought. Perhaps one of the others in Rainer’s pack, but not Rua himself. Anyone who took on a pack leader had to be as strong as his Da, and cocky. Willful wasn't enough; they had to be that assured of themselves to fight for what was right, and fight to kill if needed.
With a tensed body and balled fist, Kaine cursed his father. Dammit Da! Why did you have to get sick and not tell me? Why? Why is it so hard to speak to me? So I left! So I made a life for me! I deserved a bit of freedom. I worked hard to get where I am, and I refuse to....
He stopped. He knew his next thoughts would be lies, and he could not lie to himself. He wanted to say he would not go home. However, he knew if Rua took over as pack leader, the Maccon's would be shunned and run off their land.
Kaine turned away from the children who agitated him, because they stirred up memories of his childhood.


I'm excited share with you this interview from Author Taabia Dupree. I hope you enjoy.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
 One of the things that I am really drawn to is art and photography. I can see a picture and a story comes to light. Another way that I am inspired is by watching people. I can be anywhere and notice someone and instantly I become entralled in an idea that they would make a great character. I have an unlimited source inside my head. I believe writers call them muses, and psychologist call them voices. (Big grin)

What words of wisdom would you pass on to other aspiring authors?
I tend to tell anyone who is interested in writing, write. Write your name, tell your story on a piece of paper. Find something of interest and write about that or write what in your head. Worry about grammar later. There are editors and proofreaders out there that will be more than happy to help you succed. Don't give up if anyone tells you that what you have written isn't good enough. Join writer groups, find peers that are like you so you won't feel alone. Get support and ideas from these groups that will enhace what you already know about your writing. Never give up, and always keep learning about what's new out there in genre's. Also, write outside of your box just once to have the experience of doing something different. Make your writing a challenge, and try not to be like everyone else, be different. Lastly, be leery of a good thing. If you are offered a contract, make sure you not the only one reading the fine print. Money may sound good, but be wise not to sell your soul. There are going to be people who want to read and review your work, be sure to copyright. Publish your work first before giving your work to a blogger or reviewer. 

What is your favorite book you have written? Favorite character?

I loved writing all of my books, but my favorite character to write is Jessica of the Anthony Stone Series, book 1 Jessica's Obsession. That first book was way outside of my box. It started with an idea. I wanted to stay within my erotica genre but I wanted to play around with mystery too. The model and pro ex-wrestler John Quinlan has many fans, and some are pretty wild about him. So, as I was reading one of his post one day, I wondered about a person who tried to use his name as their own. I remember when it happened John and I talked about this guy and how John had to get this guy blocked. While I read this particular post an adoring fan of his was saying how John inspired her. John being thanked her and was happy that anything that he has done to inspire anyone in their life is what keeps him humbled. Then I thought if I put a story together where a guy has someone so amoured by him that she wanted to stalk him, what would happen. My character  Jessica was born. I loved writing about Jessica because she is twisted, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. I even surprised John and put his real name into the book with a guest appearance. The cover is John, who I made my muse for the story.

What made you choose wolves? What led you to write this book?

I have been facinated by wolves since childhood. I learned about my Blackfoot and Cherokee heritage and I studied American Indian, plus tribal people. As my studies progressed into college I was told my totem was wolf. No surprise to me, my facination had turned to love. I have always wanted to write a story that included wolves and it finally came to task when Billy Thomas showed up to a photo shoot. Billy is my cover model for WolfsBlood. His picture and my idea of what a hero should be combined with the heart of a wolf, compelled me to write about Kaine Maccon, and clan. The name Kaine Maccon came from a contest I ran and the winners gave me a fantastic name for a character that has an abundance of heart and loyalty, like a wolf.

Who is your biggest author inspiration?

I would have to say there are four authors that inspired me, Judy Blume, Piers Anthony, David Eddings, and Tolkein. Judy Blume wrote Are You There God It's Me Margaret, and ever girl back then wanted to encrease their breast or know about mentraul cycles didn't they, ha. My best friend and I did, and after that I read every one of her books, even into adulthood. I liked her style and how she could put the reader inside the story. Which made her in my book, a great storyteller.

Anthony, Eddings, and Tolkein are three of my favorite fantasy writers. I never thought I could write fantasy. There is a fantasy novel inside of me dying to get out, and because of these gentlemen, I will write that epic novel. They took me on many journies and had me believing every place I went was real, until the end of the book of course. Then I was back to reality wanting more. I want to write books like that I said, and I am hoping that I am on my may to being just as great as they are to millions of readers.

Who do you picture playing the characters of your book if it were to be made into a movie/tv show?  
This is my list so far that I have come up with for my wish list of stars to play my characters. Link to my IF List http://www.iflist.com/stories/wolfsblood#
Peter Facinelli or Bradley Cooper or Cam Gigandet as Kaine Maccon
Jensen Ackles as Aohdan Maccon
Wyatt Smith as Aiden Maccon
Kate Winslet as Rhiannon Rainer
Theo Theodoridis as my Rua Rainer
Grey Damon as Tobak Rainer
Amber Heard as Chrystelle
The beautiful Ms. Sigourney Weaver for Luicialla
Pedro Moreno as Tre'

Thanks, Taabia! It was great getting acquainted with you and your books. I wish you the best of luck with your career! 

And thanks to everyone for joining us today. Please feel free to leave comments or questions to Taabia. Have a great day, everyone!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review of Let It Snow

Let It SnowLet It Snow by Ica Iova

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 I really enjoyed this book. It is full of all the things that romance readers enjoy; chemistry and tension. I definitely recommend this book for an enjoyable read on a cold winter night.
Catherine Nolan decides she needed a vacation. However, her vacation is anything but smooth, as she crashes her car, gets rescued by a handsome man, Erik, who persuades her to travel to Las Vegas with him.
This story was a refreshing, fun, and a roller-coaster story that had me rooting for both Erik and Catherine.
If you like romantic stories that have the edgy, sexual tension, then this is a book for you.
The author is a talented writer and I look forward to reading more from her.

View all my reviews

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Review of The Eye of Divinity

 Hello, As an Author, I feel that it is important for readers to leave reviews for me, and I covet them. I don't think everyone realize just how important the reviews are, but believe me, they are. As a reader, I try to follow that same belief, by leaving reviews for the books I've read. So, today I have decided to leave my review for the most recent book I've reviewed. So, here you go.

The Author is Robert E. Keller and he can be found at Goodreads.

Goodreads description: Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, YA,

Strange and legendary Dremlock Kingdom is facing destruction from both within and beyond its stone walls in the form of goblins--creatures spawned by evil that come in all shapes and sizes--and the Deep Shadow, a hungry and spreading force of dark sorcery that infects people with madness.

To save their kingdom, the knights recruit a lonely and isolated boy named Lannon who lives in a wooded valley with his crazy father, who bears a dark illness of the soul, and his foul-tempered mother. Lannon is sought out because he possesses a rare power called the Eye of Divinity. The knights need Lannon's gift to see through the fog of evil that shrouds Dremlock Kingdom and give them the advantage they need to turn the tables on their ancient foe.With the help of his friends, Lannon tries desperately to unlock the Eye of Divinity in time to save Dremlock Kingdom from otherwise certain doom.

With the Deep Shadow creeping around the kingdom and infecting hearts and minds, Lannon isn't sure if anyone in Dremlock can even be trusted. Lannon finds himself, and his fellow squires, caught in a web of mystery and magic in a kingdom where anything can happen

 The Eye of Divinity

My Review: ****

As with many books, the first two chapters are used to introduce characters, and set the mood. I thought the author did a decent job at getting us through the above mentioned situations with grace. Once Lannon left home and began traveling with his companions, I thought the story became a solid one. The three companions, The Knights of Dremlock, were delightful characters and I enjoyed getting to know them. I enjoyed their trip from Lannon's home to Dremlock, and I enjoyed the trials that Lannon had to go through to see which class he would fall into.
And then the real adventure began...I enjoyed meeting more vivid characters, good and bad ones, and getting a glance of the grounds of Dremlock, and all that lay beneath. It was scary, adventurous, and exciting in places and that was what kept my attention; to see what was coming next.
If you enjoy stories like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the such, you will enjoy this story.
I believe the story is well written, and the plot solid. I look forward to reading the sequels to this book and can't wait to see what occurs to Lannon and his friends next.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Guest Blog with Ica Iova

Hi, everyone, welcome to Lisa's Place. I'm very pleased to welcome my friend and talented Author, Ica Iova to guest blog for me today. Welcome, Ica!


I’m a Canadian freelance writer and published author. I write what I enjoy reading, in both, my articles and my books. Besides my writing, I’m a proud wife, mother and grandmother. I love spending time with my family, shopping for shoes, or just lazing around with a good book. I value the simple things money can’t necessarily buy. I never compare myself with anyone else. I don’t expect others to agree with me, and I do not follow the crowd.

The Ouija Board

Savana, a thirteen-year-old with brown hair and a spray of freckles across her nose and cheeks, and her ten-year-old equally freckled sister, Angelina, were quite miserable when their mother announced that they were packing and moving to the other side of town, where she was offered a job.
“You’ll make new friends,” their mother told them.
But like most ten and thirteen-year-old girls, they hated their mother for making them move.
“That’s not fair,” the girls said in unison.
“Look, we need to do this. You know we need the money,” their mother said, turning to the accusing looks of her girls, and their sour moods.
They knew that, but they continued to grumble the whole time their mother packed the few things they possessed.
The following morning, the still sour-faced girls, helped their mother to load everything in her pickup truck, and an hour later they arrived at their new home.
At the end of a curved driveway stood a one storey house with small windows and a front door made of solid wood and no window. The morning dew on the rooftop gleamed in the sunlight.
Savana’s mother parked the car and asked the girls to help her unload.
Savana could feel the coldness of the house as they slowly advanced across the front lawn.
A shadow, cast from the house seemed to envelope the front of it in darkness.
Though the house had three bedrooms, it seemed much smaller than Savana had imagined it would be.
A shiver ran up her spine, the minute they stepped foot in the house. Savana knew that something was not right.
To her, paranormal had always been a mix of curiosity and fear. She had experienced some paranormal activities but had no concrete proof.
She expressed her concern to her mother. But since she was not asked—or expected—to have an opinion, at the edge of her patience with Savana’s defiance, her mother stood, hands on her hips, and dismissed it. “Look, I know this is hard for you, but please stop with this nonsense. Okay?” she said.
Though somehow Savana knew the moment she stepped in the house that their lives would change, her mother’s assertiveness left no room for further discussion. And the reproachful look in her mother’s eyes never preceded anything pleasant.   
Savana blew a gust of breath and joined her mother and her sister at unloading the truck.
After bringing in the last of their stuff, each one of them retreated to their rooms and started unpacking their own boxes.
Savana noticed that her favorite doll collection package had been damaged. She took the doll out of the package and placed her on the shelf. The doll’s eyes turned blood red, but Savana dismissed it as being her imagination, and trying to avoid upsetting her mother further, she continued with her unpacking.
She finished putting her things away and as she got ready for bed, she heard a loud thud coming from above.
She looked up and her eyes rested on the attic door which was in her closet, and was open. Looking back at her, was a pair of red eyes.
Feeling brave, thinking it was an owl, she said, “Hi.”
No answer came from the eyes other than a bloodcurdling scream. Scared out of her wits, Savana ran out of her closet and slammed the door shut. She plugged her ears and went under her covers, but her camouflage did nothing to impede the noises banging up in the attic.
Frozen with fear, she was too afraid to leave her room and she didn’t tell her mother, afraid her mother would not believe her.
But strange things began to happen every night after the lights went off. In addition to the wintry temperatures which gnawed and bit at their exposed skin like a writhing mass of bats, Savana and her sister were introduced to more ominous peculiarities of the house.
The unbroken silence was not a relaxing kind of quiet, but the tense and clammy quiet of graveyards. It was a disconcerting quiet where the slightest noises were magnified almost beyond comprehension.
Irregular drops from the sink were sometimes heard throughout the night, resounding loudly. Murmurs, sobs and hushed voices coming from within the walls, were just a few of the strange things happening.
Savana was awakened by dogs barking and the sound of muffled voices sounding much like two tape recorders played backwards.
When she opened her eyes she was greeted by a floating head—vivid, yet transparent. She rubbed her eyes in disbelief trying to wake herself up. No, she was not sleeping. The floating head was still there. Only a head—no body, nothing else. Just a head—a sad, almost unanimated face in mid-air.
Once the head disappeared, Savana’s bed began to shake violently.
“There, do you hear that? From the other room, listen! Listen!” a voice said.
Soft whimpers like a child’s, that’s what she heard next.
“You didn’t? Never mind. Maybe next time,” the voice said.
Scared out of her mind, Savana ran to Angelina’s room and tried to rationalise the whole thing. At first they said it was a bad dream. And the bed shook because of a ground tremor.
In Western Romania? No way. If it was a ground tremor, Angelina, who was wide awake at that time, should’ve felt it as well. But she did not.
The girls were still deliberating the possibilities when some outdoor sounds of murmuring voices and scuffling footsteps grabbed their complete attention. They mentally followed the whispers and footsteps as they rounded the corner of the house and continued right up to the entrance. Soft scrapes began to pry against the lock on the front door, then it was complete silence.
They looked through the window. Nothing but darkness.
Savana got the courage to check her room—especially areas near her bed, but without finding anything that could explain the incident with the bed, she did not sleep in her room that night.
“This house is haunted,” said Savana.
“I’m scared. What should we do?” asked Angelina.
“The one thing we can’t do, is tell Mom. She won’t believe us. I read that when spirits don’t cross over, it’s because of some unfinished business here on Earth, and they try to communicate with us, usually asking for help.”
“What do you think our spirits want?”
“I don’t know. But we can find out.”
Their mother had called and told the girls that she had to work late. Savana saw that as an opportunity to find out what the spirits wanted, and perhaps help them move on.
After dinner, the girls found the Ouija Board in their mother’s room. Their mother had cautioned them to never touch it, but Savana decided to ignore her mother’s warning and started preparing for the event.
They turned off the lights, lit three candles, and set little bells around them.
At first Savana played silly games and moved the planchette—the movable indicator—to scare her little sister.
“Is anyone living in my attic?” Savana asked.
“Y-E-S,” spelled the board.
“Oh, my God,” Savana sighed.
“Okay. Let’s be serious,” said Angelina.
“It wasn’t me, moving it.”
“Right. You are such a liar,” said Angelina, standing up, ready to leave.
“I swear. Common, let’s try again.”
Angelina sat down and pointing her index finger at Savana, said, “Okay. But I am warning you. You are not scaring me.”
“Do you have a name?” Angelina took the lead of asking the questions.
“S-I-X, S-I-X, S-I-X,” the board answered.
“Is your name Six, or 666? What kind of name is that?” Savana teased.
The planchette spelled out multiple names—most of which, the girls had never heard of. The candles began to flicker, and the bells chimed violently.
“Let go,” Savana squealed in fright at her sister.
The planchette began to spin in circles when the girls took their hands off of it. A heavy and uncomfortable atmosphere hovered in the room like a dark presence.
The front door slammed open, and the planchette was still moving. It spelled out W-E-L-C-O-M-E T-O H-E-L-L.
Angelina screamed. In the midst of all that frenzy Savana managed to flip the board upside down and everything stopped at once.
Still shaking, the girls put everything away and didn’t say a word about it to their mother, or anyone else.
At least not until their cousin—Irina—came and stayed the night.
By nature Irina was a non-believer of anything to do with paranormal. She always found a logical explanation for everything.
When she came to Savana’s house to stay the night, it was a chilly October night and Savana and Angelina had just finished decorating for Halloween.
In the evening they were getting ready for bed, chuckling about girls’ stuff.
While Irina inflated her mattress, Savana told her about their experience with the Ouija Board.
“You were probably trying to scare Angelina,” said Irina, pausing from what she was doing.
“I wasn’t. I swear. Our house is haunted.”
“Shut up. I know you,” Irina dismissed Savana’s assurance with an airy wave.
“She is not lying. It was for real,” Angelina intervened with a convincing tone.
“Okay… prove it,” Irina demanded from behind her half-inflated mattress.
“No way. I’m not touching that thing ever again,” Angelina replied, quickly taking a step back as if something ran over her feet.
“Fine. I’ll do it,” said Savana, who’d never passed a challenge.
Savana took the board up to her room. She set it on an end table in the middle of the room between her bed and the inflated mattress, and placed three folding chairs around it. She set up the candles and bells around the chairs, just as she had done the previous time.
Angelina agreed to get involved but not before her sister promised her that she won’t let anything bad happen to any of them.
At first, the girls were all asking questions at the same time. Nothing happened.
“See I knew you were lying,” said Irina, taking her hands off the planchette.
“Come on, don’t be a chicken.” Savana teased. “Put your hand back over mine.”
As soon as Irina placed her hand over Savana’s hand, the chair she sat in, moved slightly.
The group sensed a blast of cold air. They couldn’t identify the source even though they could feel the breeze moving around them at the table. Both—the door and the window—were closed.
A small end table began to move effortlessly around the room. Even though no one had asked a question the planchette spelled out H-E-L-L-O. Instantly, the candles went out and the closet door opened.
Savana’s instinct was to let go of the planchette just as she had done last time. This time, she couldn’t. It was as if she had lost control of her body functions.
A sinister growl came from the closet and the bells began to move and chime.
“Oh my God,” Savana cried.
“N-O G-O-D,” the planchette spelled.
“Stop it. This isn’t funny!” Irina shouted at her cousin.
“I can’t!” Savana shrieked.
Irina realised that it was not one of her cousin’s distasteful jokes when she saw the panic on Savana’s face. She tried to pull her hand off the planchette but she couldn’t.
Suddenly, something yanked Irina by her hair and drugged her under Savana’s bed.
Savana’s doll fell from the top shelf and began to walk towards the girls, as a horrifying banging came from somewhere above.
Irina screamed from beneath the bed.
Angelina looked at the doll in a trance.
The doll stopped beside Savana and began to talk.
“This is not a game. Leave. NOW! It will kill you all,” said the doll.
Without thinking, Savana picked up the doll and threw it across the room. When it hit the wall everything stopped—the closet door shut, the bells came to a rest, and Irina emerged from under the bed full of cuts and scratches. She tried to say something, but her mouth opened and closed unable to speak.
Savana threw her doll in the trash and some scraping sounds were heard from the window. Retrieving her baseball bat from its new resting place against the nightstand, she viciously tore the curtains from the wall. The view of an empty night sky confounded her, until the sound of rapid footsteps spurred her into immediate action and she bolted towards the front door.
“Where are you going?” Angelina screamed.
But Savana either didn’t hear her, or else she ignored her. Several precious seconds were lost as she unlocked the door, but the instant it swung open, she dashed outside barefooted across the scraggly grass between two houses, her impatient strides carrying her over the dark path. It wasn’t until she reached the first intersection that she brought herself to a screeching halt.
Panting from the exertion, she shot hawk-like glances towards all areas of the darkly cloaked street. For a handful of long, frustrating minutes, she simply stood there, until the nagging coldness of the night air swept past the rush of adrenalin and into her skin. Slowly, angrily, she turned back and started walking towards the house, when her mother arrived from work.
Knowing that she had encountered something that was unmistakably powerful and evil but not knowing what to do, she told her mother what had been happening to them.
To her surprise, her mother confirmed that strange things were happening at night to her too. She put her arms around the girls, and said, “I am so sorry about all this. I should’ve listened to Savana, when she first told me that she doesn’t have a good feeling about this place.”
“We were afraid you won’t believe us,” said Savana.
“I will give our landlord notice, and we’ll be moving out of here as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we’re renting a motel because I don’t want to spend another night in this house.”
 Savana took the Ouija Board in the backyard and burned it before they left.

Thanks for the guest post, Ica. I am sure everyone enjoyed it. I hope all my readers have a safe and pleasant Halloween this weekend!