Friday, September 16, 2016

September, Why Are You Moving So Fast?

September is buzzing past us with no sign of slowing down. Before you know it, October and Halloween will be upon us. I am in the midst of homeschooling my daughter, working on stories, and acting as Coordinating Producer and Co-host of Deadly Reads Radio, and having a blast at all of these things. I am now working on prepping my voice for Audio Books. I've recently read my poem, MY LIFESONG for an audio
For an author, it's more economical for the said author to do his/her own recording. I've spoken with several people about this and most agree, they like the idea of the stories voiced by the original author. What is your opinion? 
I am preparing MY LIFESONG for YouTube. I'll let you know when it's there. 
Please give your opinions on Audio Books? Love? Hate? Indifferent? I would be most interested in hearing your opinions. Thanks, and until next time have a lovely weekend. ~Lisa

NOTE: cover for My LifeSong from 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Journey Into The Night, Deadly Reads Radio September Guests

Good Friday,  We have a list of talented guests for you lined up in September. Check them out and learn more about them by clicking on the links next to their names. Thanks, and I hope you're enjoying our shows. ~Lisa

September 1- Multi-Genre Author, and Linda L. Barton

September 8-Producer and Actor Kyle Hester

September 15- Randall Dark

September 22-Meltdown Entertainment
DeWayne Cox, John Simmons, and Yeniffer Behrens

September 29-Bruce Guynn and Big Rain

Sunday, August 28, 2016

August Updates

I am terrible at blogging, so I ask your forgiveness on this matter. Time and material are the things I struggle with, and I believe most Blog Authors do, and I stand in awe of those who successfully do it on a daily basis.
Today, I'll play catch up by letting you know what I've been doing as far as my writing.
I have finally finished The Moon People. It is in the hands of my editor, and I am confident she will help me greatly with polishing the final product. :) I am not confident in setting a release date at this time because I've learned setting due dates in stone are dismal and uncomfortable for me. I promise to let you know the moment I publish.
In the meantime, here is a short description from off the top of my head:)
Jarrett Crenshaw is mourning the deaths of his father, Thomas, and his twin brother, Garrett, as is his mother, Millicent. As their lives and relationship crumble around them, Jarrett met the Man from the Moon and whisked into an adventure of a lifetime. When Jarrett tells his mother about the Man from the Moon, she tells him he is a figment of his imagination. Is his mother right? Is this only a dream?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Journey Into The Night with Author Dan Coplan

I am looking forward to this Thursday night show with Author Dan Coplan.  The Dragon Gate for which he was involved with as a writer and actor, was banned for Korea and censored in Germany. It will be interesting to find out why. I looked the movie up and I must say, it looked quite interesting. 

Dan is the Author of Let It Be. This Tall Tale is about Death falling in love with a Human.I look forward to Dan telling us more about this story and about his past projects and the future ones he has planned.

Dan is much more than simply an Author. He graduated from a prestigeous New York School University Film School, the COBRAY Counter Terrorist Training Facility, and Southwestern school of Law. I look foward to peeling back the many layers of Dan Coplan to see how the things he has experienced in his past has made him into the entertainer and the man he is today. So join us this Thursday night at 10 pm Central time and meet multi- talented Dan Coplan. You may call in and ask questions to Dan as well at (646) 668-2716

Monday, June 27, 2016

I am proud of being a part of Deadly Reads radio and the fact that we not only do shows that are entertaining but shows that help to inform our listeners of important issues, such as Essure Awareness and PTSD.
This Thursday night at 9 pm CST we will bring Actor John Quinlan and Director Jillian Bullock to discuss the important issue of PTSD. I am looking forward to hearing how their movie, A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives is developing.  This movie will be out in 2017. 
In the meantime, learn more about Jillian and John and this movie. Here are a list of places you can find out about each of them, the YouTube trailer, the IMDb page for A Sense of Purpose and how you can support their movie. On behalf of Jillian, John, and the American Veterans, Thank you. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Come and spend the evening getting to know this Best Selling Author in Sea Adventures and a talented songwriter, Jesse Giles Christiansen. 9 pm CST tonight. It is a pre-recorded show so you can't call in tonight. However, it's going to be fun as Jesse sings for us!
Jesse is an American author whose page-turning fiction weaves the real with the surreal, while also speaking to the human condition. He is the #1 bestseller in sea adventures. Jesse was hailed by
New York Times bestselling author, William R. Forstchen, as "leaving readers so tantalized by 

the story lines, they think the events actually happened--a demonstration of skill surely to launch this author into the big leagues." The following is the show link:
He was born in Miami, FL, playing on beaches as a boy, the sky bronzing him forever and the sea turning his heart lyrical. After spending a summer in Alaska before graduating from Florida State University with a degree in literature and philosophy, he wrote his first novel, Journey into the Mystic.
He feels he is haunted by Hemingway's Ghost, not just by the poster in his writing studio that stares at him, saying, "What else you got?" but also by having a café called Hemingway's in the small European city where he writes. Finally, Hemingway became his neighbor on Amazon when his novel, Pelican Bay, outsold Old Man and the Sea.
Jesse is a huge supporter of Ovarian Cancer Research. Check this link out to support this worthy cause.Thank you on behalf of Jesse.  

Jesse currently lives in Lüneburg, Germany, with his wife and their precocious White Siamese cat.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Entertainment News Today

If you are like me, you enjoy finding out about the latest releases from certain Actors, books from particular Authors, and the latest releases from your favorite Musicians and Singers.

Today I'm excited to tell you about the latest release from Author/Screenwriter Doug Richardson. Doug is a talented Author/Screenwriter who has written several books, and whose movies have grossed collectively over a billion dollars. Doug worked on movies such as MONEY TRAIN, BAD BOYS, AND DIE HARDER, the sequel to DIE HARD.
So, take a look at Doug's newest book, REAPER: A LUCKY DEY THRILLER.
I had an opportunity to speak with Doug on Deadly Reads Radio show in March, about his movies, books, and other topics. You can listen to the interview here.

In other news...

Who doesn't love Gerard Butler? Well, I certainly do! I think he is a brilliant actor with a long list of fabulous movies. Here is his IMDb
Gerard has recently been picked up by STX Entertainment for a part in the movie, DEN OF THIEVES. You can read more about it here. 
I love watching Gerard Butler in any role he plays because he brings the role to life with his talent. Yes, he's hot, but that is not the only reason I like him. I hear he's a nice guy too, and that is simply a plus. Don't you think?
While you wait for this movie to come out, you can catch Gerard in his latest movie, The Gods of Egypt. I have not seen it as of yet, but I hear that it's good, so I look forward to seeing it.
Oh, by the way, if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will be as excited as I was when I realized that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is also in this movie. Check profile.  I have a feeling we'll be seeing more from this talented actor.